The growth consultancy

No, this isn’t a bakery.

If you’re a B2B business, Dough can increase your revenue.

By bringing together your team, your tech and your storytelling, Dough enables you to generate demand for your brand, product or service, so you can strategically acquire and develop more client business, better.

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Your Team

By having everyone on board with the company’s mission, success is not only more achievable, it will be easier to get there.
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Your Tech

By identifying what platforms you have vs what you need, you will increase productivity and lower your outgoings.
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Your Storytelling

By completing the first 2 steps, it is here we can work toward articulating your story both from a company and human perspective.
You could argue we are a kitchen; a kitchen that cooks recipes for growth. In order to grow, you need money. Another word for money is “bread” – and if you wanna make bread, you knead Dough.