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Dough is a consultancy focused on B2B sales and marketing alignment, based on the desire to generate demand for your organisation through the lens of putting the customer experience first, via tailored content, marketing automation and data. The way we believe this can be achieved in the best possible, holistic way is through the method of Demand Generation.

Demand Generation is a method that, quite simply, generates demand for your brand by creating awareness of and interest in a company’s product/service, with the use of technology at the core. This type of marketing strategy covers every part of the B2B buyer’s cycle, from stranger to repeat customer.

b2b buyers cycle

You establish demand generation by building relationships with your prospects at a time of their learning and discovery and you maintain it by continuing to understand what your customer’s needs are and delivering on them throughout every step of their experience with you.

To get going, you need to start from within. Bringing together these three elements will create a fundamental shift in your business approach enabling you to gain an unfair advantage in the market and generate insight-led conversations with new and existing clients/customers at every level, on your terms.

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Your Team

With everyone on board with the final destination, it makes arriving there a lot easier and the journey more enjoyable, as we’ll have “buy-in” from each key player. This is the best launch pad for achieving growth as it’s usually the main reason for stagnation.
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Your Tech

By understanding where everything is and for what purpose, it’s important to understand what you need, what you can remove and what can be replaced through a MarTech lens, which will reduce spend and increase productivity.
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Your Storytelling

Then, we’ll be able to construct your narrative, enabling us to truly deliver a seamless UX for your customers at an individual level, meaning right message in the right place at the right time, for the right reasons. 

Because, when you combine these elements (and get them right) – growth accelerates.

Dough has implemented such strategies for business leaders across EU and APAC, from ScaleUps to Enterprise, with the aim of proving marketing ROI while saving said companies millions in the process.

We advise:

  • marketers on how they can deliver better qualified leads to their sales teams, in volume;
  • sales teams on how they can market themselves earlier in the prospect’s decision-making process;
  • on the business’ direction overall, in setting a team-growth mindset, so that investors feel more confident in the trajectory of the organisation.

By working with Dough you can expect these sweet victories:


Have winning conversations with prospects more often, without buying lists or cold calling again.


Grow and attract a pipeline of clients you want to work with. Proactively, not reactively.

Stabilise and increase your cash flow, plus gain optimal vision for better forecasting.

Optimise, retain and grow your existing client business at every level.

increase productivity

Increase team productivity, operational efficiencies & retain good staff whilst reducing costs.

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