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Founded by 16-year creative advertising exec, Vinnie Romano, his mission is to make a difference in, contribute to and impact change in the B2B world for organisations large and small, through sales and marketing alignment.

Some refer to Vinnie as a Virtual CMO that is focused on performance through the lens of a salesman. He refers to himself as a Content Marketing Strategist, a Customer Experience Enthusiast and a Demand Generation Evangelist; operating by a philosophy of automating where we can, but humanising when we must.

Vinnie Romano

Founder & Director

  • A Consultant in the B2B Sales & Marketing space
  • A Certified Partner, Webinar Producer & Host with Adobe
  • A Certified Partner with HubSpot, with deep knowledge of the Inbound Marketing philosophy
  • A Professional Keynote Speaker & MC with Saxtons
  • A University Lecturer in Marketing at Macquarie University
  • A Startup Founder & Mentor with Stone & Chalk, UTS Startups and River City Labs
  • An Aspiring Thought Leader & NED
  • An ex-LinkedIn Content Marketing Partner & Panellist
  • An Avid Volunteer with various Charities & Universities
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